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Messages of Sunday, and Special Meetings

Date Download Speaker Title SupplementFile
2018-04-08 mp3 bro. bor characteristic of priest
2018-04-01 mp3 bro. mali Gospel message
2018-03-25 mp3 bro. bor God's work
2018-03-18 mp3 bro. bor Spiritual eat and drink
2018-03-11 mp3 brother kevin wang God's wisdom
2018-03-04 mp3 bro. peter Gospel message
2018-02-25 mp3 bro. bor Draw near to the Lord
2018-02-18 mp3 bro. ray learning meeting life
2018-02-04 mp3 bro. bor Gospel message
2018-01-28 mp3 bro. ray Prayer
2018-01-21 mp3 bro. bor Share the gospel
2018-01-14 mp3 bro. bor Gospel
2017-12-31 mp3 bro. austin, bro. peter, bro. ray, bro. bor Testimony
2017-12-24 mp3 brothers and sisters Thanks Giving Fellowship
2017-12-10 mp3 bro. ray Openly Confess and Testify the Lord file
2017-12-03 mp3 bro. xu, bro. bor Gospel message
2017-11-26 mp3 bro. bor Message review
2017-11-24 mp3 bro. jiachang What is eternal life?
2017-11-23 mp3 bro. jiachang Gospel message
2017-11-19 mp3 bro bor The light of life

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