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Messages of Sunday, and Special Meetings

Date Download Speaker Title SupplementFile
2019-02-17 mp3 brother peter li & zhong ting Sharing Second Corinthians and Salvation of Soul
2019-02-10 mp3 bro. patrick In Love United
2019-02-03 mp3 bro. xu yu Gospel Message
2019-01-27 mp3 bro. bor Two Confessions and Learning as a Christian
2019-01-20 mp3 bro. bor Precious blood of Lord Jesus
2019-01-13 mp3 bro. xu yu Gospel message
2019-01-06 mp3 bro. bor Gospel message
2018-12-30 mp3 multiple Testimony Sharing
2018-12-16 mp3 bro. ray Adam and the Tree
2018-12-09 mp3 bro. bor Old man and new man
2018-12-02 mp3 bro. eric xu Gospel message
2018-11-25 mp3 bro. jiachang zhang Building up yourselves on your most holy faith
2018-11-23 mp3 bro. jiachang zhang Earnestly content for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints
2018-11-22 mp3 bro. jiachang zhang Thanksgiving Gospel Message
2018-11-18 mp3 bro. bor create new man through cross
2018-11-11 mp3 bro. ray chang Enoch Walked with God
2018-11-04 mp3 bro. kai wang Gospel message
2018-10-28 mp3 bro. peter li, & eric xu Fellowship Meeting
2018-10-21 mp3 bro. bor Knowing Spiritual Warfare
2018-10-14 mp3 bro. jerry aman Fall Special Meeting: Spiritual Warfare (part 4)

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