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Messages of Sunday, and Special Meetings

Date Download Speaker Title SupplementFile
2017-04-21 mp3 bro. zhu Spring Special Meetings 1
2017-04-16 mp3 bro. bor Use your faith
2017-04-09 mp3 bro. bor Romans 9-12 review
2017-04-02 mp3 bro. ray Glad tiding and judgement
2017-03-26 mp3 bro. peter and zhong ting Crucified with Christ file
2017-03-19 mp3 brother bor. Abraham's faith
2017-02-26 mp3 bro. bor If indeed we suffer with Him so that we may also be glorified with Him
2017-02-17 mp3 bro. john tseng When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?
2017-02-12 mp3 bro. bor Obey Lord's Words
2017-02-05 mp3 bro. ray Life in the Lord Jesus
2017-01-22 mp3 bro. bor Redeeming the time
2017-01-01 mp3 bro. yihua, bro. bor New year message
2016-12-25 mp3 sister liu, bro. sun,sister wang, sister zhihong Fellowship
2016-12-04 mp3 bro. bor gospel message
2016-11-27 mp3 brother zhang jiachang God's grace
2016-11-24 mp3 brother zhang jiachang Gosepl message
2016-11-20 mp3 brother bor God's judgement
2016-11-18 mp3 brother ray, eric and bor Romans 1-5 review
2016-11-06 mp3 brother ray chang Gospel message
2016-10-23 mp3 brother jerry aman Something For Him 4

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