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Messages of Sunday, and Special Meetings

Date Download Speaker Title SupplementFile
2018-09-30 mp3 bro. ray Noah
2018-09-23 mp3 bro. bor How to be an overcomer
2018-09-16 mp3 bro. bor Building of Church
2018-09-02 mp3 brother patrick & ray Gospel message
2018-08-12 mp3 bro. wang, sis. zhang WCCC Review
2018-08-05 mp3 bro. bor Gospel message
2018-07-22 mp3 bro. bor Restore God's house
2018-07-15 mp3 bro. ray Abel & Cain file
2018-07-08 mp3 bro. bor Follow The Will of GOD
2018-07-01 mp3 bro. xu yu Gospel message
2018-06-24 mp3 bro. bor Work of Holy Spirit
2018-06-17 mp3 bro. bor Individual Work of Holy Spirit
2018-06-10 mp3 bro. bor The Work of Holy Spirit
2018-06-03 mp3 bro. bor Gospel message
2018-05-27 mp3 bro. bor Life needs Light
2018-05-20 mp3 bro. ray Spring Special Meetings Recap file
2018-05-13 mp3 bro. bor The cross is a path to life's prosperity
2018-05-06 mp3 bro. jiachang Gospel message
2018-05-04 mp3 bro. zhang fellowship meeting
2018-04-29 mp3, sister wei,sister francis fellowship meeting

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