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Messages of Sunday, and Special Meetings

Date Download Speaker Title SupplementFile
2019-09-15 mp3 brother lin huan Love each other in Christ
2019-09-08 mp3 bro. bor Living for Jesus
2019-08-25 mp3 bro. bor Life of consecration
2019-08-18 mp3 bro. bor God's infinite mercy
2019-08-04 mp3 bro. kevin Gospel meeting file
2019-07-21 mp3 bro. david hung Fellowship
2019-07-14 mp3 bro. bor My Parenting Experience
2019-07-07 mp3 bro. bor Gospel meeting: Salvation and Eternal Life
2019-06-30 mp3 bro. bor Fellowship
2019-06-23 mp3 bro. jiachang Gospel
2019-06-21 mp3 bro. jiachang Gospel meeting
2019-06-16 mp3 bro. kai, bro. ting Pursue a renewed mind
2019-06-09 mp3 bro. ray Household unto the Lord
2019-06-02 mp3 bro. bor Gospel message
2019-05-26 mp3 bro ray Priesthood
2019-05-19 mp3 bro. bor We Need to Know our Shepherd
2019-05-12 mp3 bro. bor Sheep hear his voice
2019-05-05 mp3 bro.peter Gospel message
2019-04-21 mp3 bro. freedom chu 2019 Spring Special Meetings 4
2019-04-20 mp3 bro. freedom chu 2019 Spring Special Meetings 2

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